For "sales contract" we mean a contract that refers to the purchase of goods and products made by a customer and supplied by Eldiam Mediva , Via Ceriana Mayneri, 5 15048 Valenza (AL) - Italy , VAT number and Tax Code 02529070068, the contract is concluded exclusively using Internet technologies made available by the Supplier at the website The client, with confirmation by electronic order, declares to have read and accepted the terms of sale and payments specified in the contract and agrees to review, print and store sales conditions below as provided by Decree n.185/1999. It is forbidden to enter false data and / or invention within the data collection forms needed to complete the order, is also prohibited to enter data on behalf of other people or make multiple entries for a single consumer.


Purchases of available products described on our website are made by the consumer price indicated, to be confirmed when placing your order confirmation, plus VAT and postage and has showed at the time of complexion. If the goods are shipped to an address outside of the European Union, the final price will not include VAT and we will charge only shipping expenses. It is the buyer responsibility to pay whatever customs duties will be levied against him at the arrival of the goods in his country. The prices indicated next to products can be updated periodically according to precious metals, diamonds and stones prices. All product descriptions published in the online catalog are as accurate and up to date as possible. For a better presentation than the original the images could be enlarged. All weights and measurements are approximate and any small difference will be notified before the shipment. Before confirming the purchase, the Client will be shown the unit cost of each selected product, the total cost when more products are purchased + VAT and shipping expenses. At the confirmation of purchase, after completing the transaction, the Clients will receive an email containing the number, date and total order amount, as well as other details. That s when the order shall be deemed accepted. It should be noted that the items ordered will be shipped as soon as possible and within 3 working days from order confirmation.